The effect of handling and acclimation period on the grazing rate of Daphnia and Diaptomus

Chow-Fraser, P.
(1986) 137: 203-210


Grazing rates of Daphnia sp. and Diaptomus oregonensis measured using an in situ method (Haney 1971) were compared with rates measured by collecting animals in vertical townets and placing them in experimental chambers either immediately or after a 24-h acclimation period. Experiments with acclimation yielded grazing rates of Daphnia that were statistically higher than in situ rates, whereas experiments conducted without acclimation yielded significantly lower rates. In situ grazing rates of Diaptomus were statistically higher than those for both townet techniques; experiments without an acclimation yielded higher rates than those for experiments with a 24-h acclimation period.

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