Review of the Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Studies

Wescoat, J., Chow-Fraser, P., Hartford, D., Keough, J.R., Maguire, L.A., Mackarewicz, J. McKinney, D.C., Moreau, D., Simonovic, S., and Zielinski, A.
National Academies Press (National Research Council, Royal Society of Canada).


This report reviews selected works of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study for the International Joint Commission (IJC). The IJC is a bi-national organization created in 1909 to consider water and related issues along the U.S.-Canada boundary. In 1999, the IJC prepared a plan of study on the effects of water level and flow regulation on various stakeholder interests in the basin, and it established the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study Board to implement that plan.

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