Coastal wetlands of Fathom Five National Marine Park: Biodiversity Values and Threats

Chow-Fraser, P.
Sources of Knowledge Forum: Sharing perspectives on the natural and cultural heritage of the Bruce Peninsula
Source of Knowledge Forum, Tobermory, ON, Canada p. 12-19


Although the coast of Fathom Five National Marine Park (FFNMP) is mostly exposed and rocky, coastal wetlands have established in the few protected bays within the park. In the regional context, these coastal wetlands are highly productive and biologically rich areas. A comparative assessment to other coastal wetlands in the Great Lakes was completed in 2005. As determined by water quality, the FFNMP wet‐ lands range from good to excellent. There are, how‐ ever, growing concerns related to the potential im‐ pacts associated with road density and declining water levels.

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